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I almost gave up all the old national work, such as the Central Government's Common Service Center, as the value of my time and the original value of life first helped me learn Microsoft's Special Design Competition earlier this year, and first from a foreign company. This prestigious award has inspired me even more, which is why I am so proud today to be the founder of those great companies and the hard work of my parents as the first achievement of my life and the love for their education has helped me come this far, for which I want to be eternally grateful. In order to help everyone in the interest of Bengal and the country, I have to get involved in these activities for the purpose of this new and last life. After 29 long years, this is the biggest debt of my life, because with the current technology software and design applications, anyone can live happily ever after, just like Facebook is a software application, just like Junindia is a new programming, publishing, Digital Content Development Automatic Cloud Based Application. So I appeal to all the new generation of students that - never stop learning until your purpose is fulfilled in real life, I believe your endurance will one day help you to benefit, so that you can focus on practical work. You have to think first to get an education, if you like design or technology, tell me as a brother or friend with an open mind, there is no doubt that every person will be successful one day if he takes the right decision and the right education policy at the right time. Thanks everyone - Edit Text to make it yours.

Entajul Ali

Founder of JulIndia Software Technology